The fastest swimming shark is the shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus). Makos are known for their remarkable speed and agility in the water. They are capable of reaching impressive swimming speeds, with estimates ranging from 31 to 45 miles per hour (50 to 72 kilometers per hour). Some studies have suggested even higher speeds, up to 46 to 60 miles per hour (74 to 97 kilometers per hour) in short bursts.

Mako sharks have a streamlined body, a large, crescent-shaped tail, and long, slim pectoral fins, which enable them to accelerate quickly and reach high speeds. These adaptations make them formidable hunters, allowing them to chase down agile prey such as fish and squid. The shortfin mako shark’s ability to swim at such incredible speeds is a testament to its impressive swimming capabilities in the marine world.


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