Xcel Artwork Series

Welcome to Xcel the world’s most ambitious art project developed by abstract artist Blair Russell.  The series consists of 1,000,000 original oil and acrylic abstract paintings roughly the size of a standard baseball card.  The paintings are priced on a regressive sliding scale and will increase in price by $0.01 as the paintings decrease in number.

Painting #1,000,000 is priced at $0.01 and painting #1 is priced at $10,000.  The low starting price point makes the Series of artworks accessible to anyone interested in art and the increasing price as numbers decrease gives the series a very collectible nature.

Once a painting from the series is sold its placeholder image will be replaced with a photo of the actual painting.  The complete series will be permanently archived here on this website for all to view and research.

The total value of the complete series will total $5,000,005,000.07 USD (FIVE BILLION FIVE THOUSAND AND SEVEN CENTS) easily making it the most valuable art project ever created.  The paintings are already being completed and sold so the sooner you get involved the better!  Paintings will be released in batches of 1,000 at a time so be sure to check back regularly to see how sales are progressing.

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